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Shoe Cleaning Service

Frequently asked questions

Icing the sole bring a clean and sharper look to a icing bottom.

Ex. the Air Jordan 11 come with a icing sole but after time it can begin to yellow. Icing the sole helps rejuvenate it back to original state.

Icing can occur on all other kinds of shoes to help get rid of yellowing as well.

Typically, we inform all of our customers that it usually takes 7 days for a full turnaround as we want to ensure that you enjoy the service and that every pair leaves looking incredible.

For orders with 6 or more pairs, we ask to give us 10-14 days to complete depending on current volume.

Rush orders can be requested but will require an additional charge

Sadly, not at the moment. Our focus is to provide a premium shoe cleaning experience.

We hope to expand to doing restorations & repaints in the near future.

All orders must be paid upfront.

Yes! We begin to offer discounts when you bring 6 or more shoes at one time.

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