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Andy Warhol 3" Dunny Art Figure 2.0 By Kidrobot

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After the incredible popularity of the sold-out Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Dunny Mini Figure Series 1.0, Kidrobot and the Andy Warhol Foundation are excited to dive a little deeper into Andy Warhol's epic pop art career with the next part of your collection by presenting the all-new Andy Warhol 3" Dunny Blind Box Mini Figure Series 2.0.  This all-new designer art toy Dunny series by Kidrobot allows you the chance to continue your Andy Warhol Dunny collection with new Dunnys featuring a second selection of Andy Warhol iconic artworks.  This new series features collectible depictions of "The Mark of the Beast" (c. 1985-1986), "Mao" a silk-screen portrait of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung (c. 1972), "Camouflage" (c. 1986), "Campbell's Soup Can" paintings, "Cow" (c. 1966), "Dollar Sign" series representing the crucial intersections between art and wealth (c. 1986), "$1.57 Giant Size" (c. 1963), "Flowers" (c. 1964), "Elvis" (c. 1963), "Banana" (c. 1966), "Fragile Handle With Care" (c. 1962), "Skulls" (c. 1966), "Campbell's Tomato Juice Box" (c. 1964), "Gun" (c. 1981) and "Hamburger" (c. 1985-1986).

Each 3-inch tall Dunny art figure comes blind-boxed and foil bagged for a mystery pop culture surprise with every open. Some of the designs are rarer than others and their ratios can be found below.  Collect all 14 of these iconic Andy Warhol designs to prove you’re a pop culture icon!

Collect them all:

  • Andy Warhol "The Mark of the Beast" Dunny - 1/48 (rare)
  • Andy Warhol "Mao" Dunny - 1/24
  • Andy Warhol "Camouflage" Dunny - 1/24
  • Andy Warhol "Campbell's Soup Can" Dunny - 3/24
  • Andy Warhol "Cow" Dunny - 1/24
  • Andy Warhol "Dollar Sign" Dunny - 3/24
  • Andy Warhol "$1.57 Giant Size" Dunny - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol "Flowers" Dunny - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol "Elvis" Dunny - 1/48 (rare)
  • Andy Warhol "Banana" Dunny - 3/24
  • Andy Warhol "Fragile Handle With Care" Dunny - 1/24
  • Andy Warhol "Skulls" Dunny - 2/24
  • Andy Warhol "Campbell's Tomato Juice Box" Dunny - 3/24
  • Andy Warhol "Gun" Dunny - 1/24

Each quantity ordered equals one blind box figure. To get a display box, order a quantity of 24 units.