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The Met 3-Inch Showpiece Dunny - Greek Panathenaic Amphora - Limited Edition of 1700

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This limited-edition 3-inch Dunny salutes the ancient world via details from an exceptional Greek vessel in The Met collection. Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter (ca. 530 B.C.), the original terracotta amphora (a vessel for holding liquids) depicts a footrace in the Panathenaic games. Kidrobot x The Met celebrates highlights from the Museum’s collection and pays tribute to art lovers around the globe.

The partnership between Kidrobot and The Metropolitan Museum of Art marks the Museum’s 150th anniversary in a bold, colorful way. Continuing a tradition set forth by those whose generosity and enthusiasm have built The Met, this 3-inch Showpiece Dunny was inspired by the Museum’s permanent collection and pays tribute to art lovers around the globe who are passionate about The Met.